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Therapy Groups
Group counseling services are provided for children and adolescents. Support groups can be an excellent way for kids to learn new skills and gain insight into their strengths and weaknesses, while gaining support & acceptance from their peers. Groups include approximately 4-6 members and meet twice a month for ten sessions. Each session includes the introduction and practice of a new skill followed by an activity and game.
All groups are formed and scheduled based on referral patterns. We encourage those interested to call and ask to be informed of a start date. Once enough participants express interest, a group start date will be announced and we will contact all interested parties.
The cost of each group is $45, for in network insurance plans you pay only your copay, and for out of network insurance the fee can be refundable through your benefits.
Social Skills Group
Group goals include (but are not limited to) improved eye contact, learning an emotional vocabulary, enhancing ability to cope with teasing, increasing confidence with peers, understanding how to share, take turns, and be an understanding friend, communicating more effectively with others, recognizing feelings and actions, and developing empathy for others. Each group is unique and goals are set based on what is appropriate for each individual child.
Attention Skills Group
This group helps kids understand ADD/ADHD and how it affects them personally. Often children who struggle with this disorder don't understand it, and therefore do not have the power to take control of it. With some knowledge about why their brain craves stimulation, they can then have fun building positive attention skills! Activities are planned to give children relaxation training to improve emotional control, increase motivation and problem solving skills, build self-esteem and confidence, learn healthy interpersonal and social skills, and improve attention, concentration, and brain power!

Middle School Girls Group
In this group you will find girls with similar experiences, who will understand you, and who will help make it possible to discover more about yourself. Here, girls have their own place to talk and learn from each other. Each group meeting focuses on a different issue based upon girls specific needs. This group was formed to assist girls in finding their true voice, to clarify their thinking, to dissect any pressure from peer or media messages, and to further cognitive and emotional development.
Teen Girls Group
Girls ages 15-17 are given a space to share and support each other's struggles. A topic and activity are planned each week, in order to help girls feel comfortable and keep a therapeutic structure. Some of these topics include but are not limited to: body image, self-esteem, relationships, communication, school, friendship, peer pressure, and family.